Key Point Ideas


In the beginning, there is Intention.
Intention is that disposition of Mind from which result a deliberate action or, a voluntary decision. Becoming aware of this source energy, initially rooted in self-awareness, is recognising an underlying emerging need or desire that motivates you.
So what is this intention that leads you to read these words today?


Time is a fundamental quantity of physics, and a perception of our mind. A notion of duration transcended by a series of punctual instants, which give existence to the present and annihilate those of the past and the future.
However, the influence of my emotions from the past has a determining influence on my present. Acquiring the ability to free myself from it means allowing myself to project myself into the future. Between re-evaluating my past, and believing that the best seeds are sown in the unknown of my future, finding the assurance that.
"The present is never our end"
Blaise Pascal


Belief without talent takes you much further than talent without belief. Have both is to go towards fulfilment.
Nothing is as useful as self-confidence. Anyone can learn to believe they are good at something they know they are not talented at


Most people need a better more precise plan in their mind to become more motivated.
They need to start feeling better about each thing they get done rather than worse about How much they haven’t.

Richard Bandler


It's not about stopping something once it starts It's about conditioning yourself to make these things work toward YOU.
When people feel hesitant, their feelings are going one way,
When they feel motivated, THEY are going the other way.


And since no one can die in my place, no one can live in my place.
And it is this perception of death that forces me to consciously care about my life and create my existence. Projecting myself into the future


Consciousness is our awareness of the external world and what occurs in our own mind such as feelings, memories, beliefs, perceptions and other mental events.
Conscience makes man responsible for his actions, and thus his dignity. Without conscience, fundamental values would not be lived or felt. Without consciousness values would not be ideals. Without consciousness, no project

It is also the fact of being aware of our own limits that frees us.


At first you have to improve the quality of your images. Some people have vivid images with stupid things in them, but they also have smart things in them as well.
You just have to know the difference between which is which to construct the kind of images that will send you in the direction they want.
It's no different

richard bandler


Emotion is any strong feeling such as anger fear, joy, sorrow.
Emotions are internal phenomena, and often manifested in behaviour.
Emotions involve a complex mixture of environmental input, subjective experience, physiological changes and behavioural output


"a psychological state characterised by an intention to accept vulnerability based on optimistic beliefs about the intentions or behaviour of others".
Born of the bond, trust is both fundamental and stimulating. It is an inexplicable assurance felt towards an individual, and therefore towards oneself and one's own future. For, to believe in a person's capacity to be, to have, to do, is to accept one's own vulnerability under the guarantee of one's confidence in oneself, in one's resources and in one's destiny. Confidence is fundamental in that it allows us to envision the future, to develop a project over time. To trust is to trust oneself and to have confidence


Which exists in power, not in deed, virtually.
There often seems to be a discrepancy between the actual state of behaviour and the potential state. Potential is the set of resources that an individual or system potentially possesses.

Human Potential, Potential for Growth, Potential for Fulfilment


The mind is defined as the faculty of enabling us to perceive, believe, reason, remember, feel and will..
The mind is the simply the sum of our mental processes of our perceptions, beliefs, memories, feelings, decisions

It is easier to describe its function