Certified NLP Mental Game
Master Coach

FFHTB WHO – Hypnosis Practitioner.
DNR Practitioner.
INNLP Master Practitioner.
IMGCA – Level III Mental Game Master Coach.
IMGCA certified  Golf and Tennis
Psychology Coach.

I’ve got the Keys skills,
You’ve got the Key Resources,
Your goals for change will come through YOU

I don't treat symptoms, I train mindset »

Caroline, your KPI

Master Coach

" [...] Caroline has a wide-ranging set of experiences in business internationally, and she brings these insights and wisdom to her coaching. In addition, she is the mother of two teenagers who are athletes, and that alone is a very valuable education for being a mental game coach! Caroline is a very talented artist and painter. That, combined with her architectural background, gives her a strategic approach to creating and developing sports clients. Her training background combination of DNR, hypnosis, NLP and her life experiences are also a potent mixture. Caroline has great people skills as a listener, analyst and change agent. She has natural rapport skills and knows how to support and encourage her clients to just the right degree [...] "

My Keys :
Mental Game NLP DNR Hypnosis

Practiced separately or simultaneously, the different techniques of alternative therapies associated with Mental Game Coaching are excellent tools to find
    • The Keys resources
    • The High Performance Skills
to explore the fields and possibilities and then,
    • to InteGreat new useful behaviours.
Mental Game, NLP, DNR and Hypnosis are the main tools that I offer as a certified Coach.

Because it is important to select the coach that suits you the best, before you commit with a paid session :

L'avis des autres n'est que la vie des autres »

Paolo Omaro

What do others say ?

Caroline had great understanding of the mood I was in, and spoke in a way that was able to get through to me very easily. During this process a couple times my communication was not great but she was always very patient with me and had my best interests at heart. I would love to have the opportunity to work with her again and I really enjoyed myself and experience I went through.
Tennis Player
Caroline is an excellent listener which makes you feel understood and she creates an environment where an athlete feels safe to share any concerns, with the only objective being to understand the often multi-layered reason for impaired performance. Her excellent communication skills then help draw conclusions and present the athlete with clear, concise ideas and proposals of what the next steps could be. Being coached by her feels very much like a cooperative process in which you are just as much a part of constructing the sessions as she is. I have truly enjoyed working with Coach Caroline and see myself working with her for the foreseeable future as we strive to make my dream of becoming a professional footballer a reality.
Yannick LUIB
Footballer, Marbella FC
Caroline is truly a gem, a brilliant coach, that is generous and caring. Together you have the opportunity to dive deeper into your understanding of Self. Her approach is thorough and multi-dimensional. With her guidance, I’ve been able to take a step back and observe issues from multiple perspectives, rather than reacting rashly. To then find solutions that are founded in compassion and awareness. I’m so grateful for all the work we’ve done together.
Marie L.
Life Coaching

Your Key :
Personality Potentiel Program Progress Performance

Explore your deep motivation, eliminate mind lock, face your fears, lead yourself to your success. Create balance in your inner world and feel content whenever you want, wherever you go.

We will be working with the same concerns, we’re going to work with the inner child,  with tools that call upon the your experience, your emotions, with what you have built around your emotions, what you have built around your personal experience.

Your Goal for Change

Mental Game and brief therapies are based on an accompaniment adapted to each person’s needs and objectives.

Most people who have experienced NLP & Mind Performances Coaching are surprised by the effectiveness, speed and durability of the change.

Inte Grate            Great            

As a coach, I create a space that fosters the process of self-discovery, conductive to exchange, and likely to guide you move forward on the path of self-actualisation.

All of these skills are linked and the brain functions as an integrated whole, a full representation in all sensory systems that fully integrates resources. BODY & MIND it is really KEY to now INTEGREAT these new PERFORMANCES into your Identity, a new Self-image.

The sessions are confidential and aim to build with you a personalised action plan that allows you to take up your challenges, make changes, achieve your goals, while enhancing your life experience and developing your assets.

Most people who have experienced NLP & Mind Performances Coaching are surprised by the effectiveness, speed and durability of the change.


  • Single session or COACHING PLAN 4, 8, 10 sessions
  • Visio or Face- to-face (based in Sotogrande; travel fees might apply)

The end of the Coaching is marked by the joint recognition of the disappearance of the dysfunctional manifestation that had motivated the coaching.

What would BE the
YOU would Work-out
right now


“MentalGame coaching is an educational learning experience. It’s an opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a person. It’s an enlightening growth process, and a very interesting one. You will learn more about yourself as an athlete, and as a person”  Bill Cole.


If we all admit that the mind is a major determining KEY aspect in sport, few professionals take the time to give it its true place. Even fewer still invest time and energy in building up a sustainable mind capable of helping them to reach their full Body & Mind POTENTIAL.

As much as tactical, technical and physical training, Mental/ Mind requires practice INTEGREATION.

  • Goal Setting
  • zone 
  • visualisation
  • I A N 
  • breathing
  • control 
  • Self-Talk
  • Self-confident
  • Rituals
  • Focus 
  • Mindfulness
  • Feedback 

Are you a Gamer ? a Competitor ? Are you a parent who supports his child in his passion ?
At the center of a MENTAL GAME program are the optimisation of motivation and willpower, cognitive-regulatory measures and concentration practices

NLP - NeuroLinguistic Program

A basic principle in NLP is that each person can learn what he or she has decided to learn.
NLP is a broad discipline that can  be applied to many situations.


  • tools to better communicate,
  • manage emotions,
  • manage stress
  • reach realistic goals
  • improve motivation
  • develop self-confidence 
  • manage a specific situation.
  • techniques for “learning how to learn»

The course of an NLP coach will therefore depend on the difficulty to be addressed as well as on the practitioner and the patient.

Deep Neural Repatterning

An alliance of EMDR, EFT and TAPPING practices, DNR therapy is a set of extremely effective techniques that allows to act on the profound restructuring of the neurological system and exploits the natural plasticity of the brain, to provide rapid and lasting psychological relief.


  • Reinforce a positive state,
  • Displacing negative emotions,
  • Emotional cleansing,
  • Dealing with trauma,
  • Increase learning capacity,
  • Dealing with pain 
  • Dealing with fears
  • Emotions management
  • Manage relationship tensions

The interventions are extremely precise and act directly at the neurological level for a use that can be curative or preventive.
Some sessions will allow the client to learn some techniques that will give him or her more autonomy.


Hypnosis is not only used to stop smoking, to lose weight or to fight against stress, its field of application is immense


  • Change beliefs
  • Manage emotions
  • Adjust behaviour
  • Self-worth 
  • Self-esteem
  • Deal with phobias
  • Deal with trauma
  • Manage pain
  • Get prepare for an exam

Sometimes one or two sessions produce great results that can be verified immediately, and that's great. Sometimes it takes a little time and a little confidence in yourself and in your coach

NLP - NeuroLinguistic Program

A basic principle in NLP is that each person can learn what he or she has decided to learn.
NLP is a broad discipline that can  be applied to many situations.

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